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Premium 100% Wrinkle Resistant Linen Aprons from Fridaze - Stone

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The perfect companion for the everyday superhero!  A tough yet comfortable apron for your everyday toughest duties!   Faster than a bunch of toddlers, more powerful than a pile of dirty dishes, and able to tackle large piles of laundry in a single bound!  You are the superhero of your family and your apron must be up to the task of protecting you while looking good and feeling great!  We know that your apron is the power outfit for your business at home and we know you mean business!  Fridaze has been in the business of making world-class legendary garments and we have crafted the perfect apron just for you. Our ultra-premium 100% wrinkle-resistant linen apron is ready to create a lifetime of memories with you.  It is super comfortable yet wonderfully soft for getting the job done and providing comfort for teary little eyes and those super warm hugs from the little ones.  This apron is designed to be easy to care for and maintain its quality year after year Adjustable ties are attached to the top of the apron as well as the midsection, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer and guaranteeing protection. Large and spacious pockets located at the front of the apron can hold multiple kitchen utensils as well as any other objects, such as a phone. This is the one that will remain faithfully beautiful for you for years to come!


  • Hand cut, legendary Fridaze tailoring, and construction
  • Exclusive 100% premium wrinkle-resistant linen fabric
  • Machine wash and dry, shape and color maintain wash after wash
  • Cool and breathable, extremely comfortable and made for daily use
  • Dimensions: 26 inches x 31 inches

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